At times only the furbabies can adequately express their behavior and/or thoughts.
Please enjoy the pictures and captions from their point of view,
in this candid photo section of our website.

"Tara, please don't bother me right now.
Can't you see I'm meditating
and practicing my Yoga??!!
I need to keep my body
and mind in tip top shape,
if I'm ever going to find a good home.
So go adjust Keila's bow or something
and let me finish my meditation."

"If I tiptoe quietly enough,
maybe no one will see me
trying to get Tiffany's lamb.
Nothing worse than having
a peekoneezer perturbed at you!"

"I think we are pawsitively pawfect together!"

"I just love my little tennis shoe squeaky toy.
In fact I love it so much,
that I sleep with it right next to my head.
That pesky tart Tiffany is always trying
to snuggle up to me at night
and take my sneakie,
but I'm too smart to be fooled by
her less than honorable intentions!

"Hey Bandit, where are you going?
I was hoping to catch a ride back,
big daddy!"

"Who brought this pekealunatic here?
We have too many pesky youngsters
here for my liking.
Whatever happened to the days
when I was considered
the prime example of youthful exuberance? "

"I see the camera fairies are crashing
our peekoneezer pawty for 2.
You always say that we need
to embrace our Asian heritage,
so I told my date
to wear her geisha outfit!!"

"I was just trying to read this magazine
thatI found on the computer chair.
I see a fluffster on the cover
and he sure is cute.
I wonder if this is that mag
that Tina keeps barking about?
Seems it has lots of those saucy tips
on catching your favorite canine casanova."

"Out of my way, Sindi!
I've found the remote
and I can finally change the channel
so I don't have to watch your favorite show,
"How To Decorate
Your Boudoir On A Budget" anymore!"

"Peke or Tzu?
Everyone place your wagers.
In canine currency of course.....
aka doggy biscuits"

"If it's all the same to you I'd like some privacy.
I'm just getting ready to settle in
on some soft pillows on the bed
and catch some rays coming in from the window.
Unlike others who shall remain apawnimous,
I do get my beauty sleep and it shows!"

"Have you heard the latest pawssip?"

"I thought I told you not to bark
about pawlitics when we had visitors!"

"Hark! What do I see?
A frisky feline in a glass tree!"

"Let us just introduce ourselves by saying we are two,
two year old tzu princesses doubling your fluffster pleasure.
Wow, say that twenty-tzu times!
Can't you see we are pretty in pink too,
or should I say tzu...tee hee!"

"Can you get more pampered than this?
We think we will call a meeting to change our name,
yet again...tee Pampered Paws.
After all, who gets to take turns going to the salon
while Brian does their hair?
And we even get the pawdicure chair!"

"Tennis anyone?
Well ok, I'm not quite ready to go there,
but I can at least look the part, can't I?!"

"What's the problem?
Don't you like your men close shaven?!"

"Malteser slumber pawty in pawgress!
No pesky peekoneezers, crazy cresteds,
tiresome tzus or yappy yorkies allowed!"

"Can we go to bed now, snuggle,
watch Animal Planet and eat pawpcorn?"

"Is that a really big feline or am I just pawtite? "

"My white baby sure does make a nice pillow,
but don't tell anyone!"

"We may claim to be a mostly asian breed dog rescue,
but we sure do like our siestas!"

"Toys for treats anyone?"

"I'm trying to figure out my heritage
so I know what to tell my potential admirers.
If I'm a Chinese Crested and Yorkie mix,
does that make me a Chinorkie??"

"I'm appawlled!
I leave for a few minutes to take my bath
and when I come back I see some freaky fluffster
10 times my size has stolen my baby.
Where's the pawlice when you need them??!"

"Got anymore pawtting soil?"

"My silk Pawjamas,
Prime Rib and Perrier is to follow, right?"

"Socialization 101........
Mind your manners while shopping!
Do you think we will get a pawsitive grade
on our fluffster report card?"

"I wonder if Fluffstoria Secret
is taking applications?"

"Can't a fickle fluffster get some alone time
with his pawamour du jour?"

"What did you say this was mom,
an "Appawloosa"?"

"I seem to be in a pawculiar predicament.
I wonder if the fluffster down here
can lend me a paw?"

"Just because there is a "no-no" next to me
does not mean that I did it.
I think the canine culprit responsible for this dirty deed
is lurking in the background.
She must be feeling better,
for she is playing
"pin the piddle on the fluffster" again!"

"Did I somehow misrepawsent my feelings
regarding this activity du jour?"

"What ya gonna do?
Shih Tzu happens!"

"Isn't there some sort of puppyhood labor law
that pawhibits fluffster photo shoots
at such a young age?"

Why is everyone leaving?
Is someone barking about pawlitics again?"

"Put your paws over your eyes!
I'm having a bad hair day!


"Are you sure this is what they call puppy love???"

"How comfy you are, big daddy!"

"Oh no!! The pawlice are here,
they think I'm trying to pawlift this stuff!
Where's mom when you need her??!!"

"Are the pawparazzi everywhere?!"

"Due to pawpular demand here is my mug shot.
Although if I had my bark,
I'd rather not have a close up of my face shown
under the circumstances!"

"I'm pawplexed!"

"If one more pawson
says that we look alike.................."

"If your emails aren't getting answered,
I pawmise I will as soon as I get my computer privileges back.
Seems I heard someone barking
something about un-caninelike conduct,
whatever that means!"

"Ok, you win! If you give me my froggy back,
I pawmise not to tell mom you ate her pawsport!"

"What's a gal got to do around here
to get sprung??!"

where'd my chauffeur jet to???"

"I thought I saw a King Tzu wandering around this page.
Finally real royalty has arrived.
Mr. Shih, please meet Princess Skye!"

"Any way I can bark you into giving me that ball?
How about if I slip into a sexy halter
for our nightly walk?"

"I've out tricked the tricksters!
Now I'm pawsitive no other fluffster
will steal my baby!"

"Happy face,
happy face,
can you all see my
happy face? "

"Pawliwood here I come!"

"Oh my!
What a huge head you have,
big daddy!"

"I thought I barked that I wanted
my order fluffstersized!"

"Whatever happened to valet pawking?!"

"Swimming is sooooooo overrated.
I much pawfer lounging on a float
and drinking Pina Pawlodas!"

"Anyone ready
for a game of pawball?"

"Am I just being pawanoid
or do you see something out there?"

"It's a Pug's life!"

"I pawmise
we didn't mean to do it.
Is there any way we can bark our way
out of this? "

"Are you pawsitive
this is my new foster home?
Or is this some sort of
pawthetic attempt at humor??"

"Isn't it suppossed to be
"pretty in pink"?
Then why are those pesky Pekingese
calling us "pissy in pink"??!!
Haters! "

"A tisket a tasket,
3 Pekingese in a basket! "

"Just when I was learning to surf the web
I see that my favorite object of pawsession,
Isabella is adopted!
And I was just getting ready
to fill out my application!
Who do I call to pawtest??? "

"I hope this wasn't anything impawtant!"

"Is St. Pawtric's Day over yet???"

"Is it appawpriate
to kiss on the first date?
What kind of a K-9 do you think I am?"

"What a pawsitively pawfect late spring day!
Now all I need is a plate of liver pawte
and a bowl of pawier water....."

"What do you mean,
showers are only for bathing?
I pawsonally enjoy
merely hanging out in them......"

"I can't decide whether to eat it
or use it as a pillow!"

"End of summer NJ beach action,
how pawsome is this???"

"I don't find this pawticularly amusing........."

"Need I bark more?"

"Waiting for Santa Paws........"

"Is it time for our trip
to Pawnama Beach yet??"

"Keep your pesky paws off of my bone!"

"Can you find me?
I'm hanging in "dognito!"

"What a pawfect day to meditate!"

"What exactly is the pawpose of this may I bark?
Who needs to pawty outside anyway???"

"Why is our flight delayed?
Is the pawlit on strike??"

"Where is Santa Paws, anyway??"

"It doesn't get any better than a plush,
pit bull pillow!
Those "mean ole pitties" ;)

"What's a dog got to do,
to get some privacy around here??? "

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