See your donations at work!
These are some of our "before" and "after" photos.
Most people who visit our website and see the beautiful babies displayed, think that we rescued them that way.
Nothing could be further from the truth. That rarely, if ever happens.
It takes a considerable amount of time and expense to get these dogs in the condition that they are in when put on our website.
Most often the dogs we rescue are in especially bad shape. For this reason, we feel the need to show these dogs as they were when we rescued them and as they are today after much love and vet care. Most likely they are unrecognizable as the dogs we first rescued.
This is important for the public to see so they will give these amazing dogs, dying in shelters, the second chance they deserve. The transformations these dogs make is simply amazing.
We do not feel that there are too many "good" dogs out there dying, to help the ones with severe "issues". We feel that they are all "good dogs" and each one that dies is one that deserved to live regardless. We choose to help those with very few other options for life. Ones left unadopted and unrescued, most likely due to severe medical or emotional issues. Some are very matted and with aesthetically unappealing but very treatable skin and coat issues. Some are terrified and react in an aggressive way simply because of their situation, treatment. Some have very expensive medical conditions to treat but with that care will be very healthy and able to live long, healthy lives. Those dogs are the ones that need us the most. They are the ones that touch our hearts most deeply.
These pictures are an example of just a fraction of the babies we save and why we need your continued support.
Please check back periodically as we continue to add more photos of these precious angels, whose second chance at life is just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness.

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